Marika Soosaar


Marika has been active in the field of accounting for 8 years. She has graduated from Tallinn School of Economics and owns the Accountant Level 5 certificate. Having previously worked in an accountancy office as a Project Manager, Marika has gained experience in accounting of very different areas.

In her previous job it was her task to calculate the wages of 700 employees in several client companies. Doing that she had a great opportunity to get thoroughly acquainted with issues of payroll accounting and labour law.

Marika has also contributed to the preparation of future accountants. Numerous beginner accountants have practiced under her leadership. Also, she has been a lecturer on accounting related matters in schools.


Retail and wholesale, construction, service sector, public sector, financial services, IT, non-profit organisations

Used software

Directo, StandardBooks, Navision, TAAVI Payroll and Personell, Merit Aktiva

Clients and colleagues about her

She is organised and punctual in all her undertakings. A great team player who is always ready to give necessary advice and easy to be with even in hard times. Also, enthusiasm and determination are her strong features. Marika always encourages others in their undertakings. Sometimes a little quick-tempered, she needs excitement and is constantly looking for inspiration.