Liina Tiivoja

Manager of the Payroll services, Accountant

Liina has been engaged in accounting for 5 years and owns the Accountant Level 5 certificate. She has gained professional knowledge from different accounting courses but even more from working with various companies and with people who are specialists in their field. During the last 4 years Liina worked in a large international accountancy office as a project- and team leader, developing payroll and personnel management service in addition to providing client services and training new payroll accountants.

Based on that experience she has good ideas of how to set up the payroll accounting process in the best possible way for the company. During her work she has met with many different payroll and personnel management software providers, which has been of great help in finding the best solutions for our client companies. Liina is also active at keeping her knowledge of labour legislation constantly up-to-date.


Production, IT, investments, catering, retail, etc

Used software

Directo, SimplBooks, StandardBooks, SmartAccounts, TAAVI Payroll  and Personell, Merit Aktiva

Clients and colleagues about her

She is a passionate person, always full of life. While others need constant motivation, then she does not – for her it comes naturally from within. She is bold and enthusiastic, and does not fear what’s coming. She knows how to take risks.